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We maximize profitability and transform healthcare operations through the use of the most aggressive techniques, streamlined processes and industry expertise.
Our Teams
We handle every aspect of                                            's billing needs.
  1. Billing & Coding Team
    The Billing and Coding Team is responsible for ensuring all charges and codes are accurate to each of our patient’s accounts. Without the Billing and Coding team, we would not be able to process out patient’s claims to their insurance companies, nor know why the patient was treated.
  2. Cash Posting Team
    The Cash Posting team’s core function is to ensure that all monies received are applied to the appropriate accounts. Without the Cash Posting team, MDN would not have an accurate understanding of what our patient’s owe.
  3. Insurance Follow Up
    The Insurance Follow up Team’s main objective is to ensure the insurance companies are processing payment’s accurate and precise prior to us submitting the statements to our patients. Without the Insurance Follow up team, we would not be able to submit an accurate billing statement to our patients.
  4. Credentialing Team
    The Credentialing Team’s role is to ensure that the providers are contracted with all of the insurance’s that MY DR NOW accepts. They are also responsible for making sure that the providers are up to date with all of their certifications. Without the Credentialing team, our providers would not be able to be part of our GHF/MDN family.
  5. Patient Account(s) Team
    The Patient Account(s) Team’s responsibility is to explain the billing process and insurance’s EOB’s to our patients so that they may make their payment with ease. Without the Patient Account team, we would not be able to walk our patient’s through the processing of their insurance and why a balance is owed.
  6. Benefits and Eligibility Team
    The Benefit’s and Eligibility team’s objective is to input and verify all of our patient’s demographic and insurance information. The B&E team also serves as the liaison between the GHF and MY DR NOW family. Without the B&E team, GHF and MY DR NOW would not have accurate and updated information.