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We maximize profitability and transform healthcare operations through the use of the most aggressive techniques, streamlined processes and industry expertise.
Frequently Asked Questions
  •  "Why am I receiving a bill, I pay my premium?"
    ·         - Paying your premium is what you pay to have insurance; your insurance company may deem a patient responsibility toward your Co-pay, Deductable, or Co-insurance.  Your insurance company would be able to advise you what your out of pocket costs would be.                                                                                                                                                                                                                        
  •  "What is a COB?"  
    - A COB or Coordination or Benefits advises your insurance company if you have multiple insurance policies and in which order to bill the plans.  If you have received information asking you to update your COB, please contact your insurance company so that your outstanding Medical claims may be processed.
Insurance's Accepted:
With the excpetion of  Out of State Medicaid and Medicare,                       accept's ALL Insurance!